delight单词的用法讲解◆这部电影给千百万人以莫大的快乐。误:The film gives great delights to millions ofpeople.正:The film gives great delight to

请给出delight的用法,谢谢了n.高兴;快乐 v.(使)高兴;(使)欣喜 v.(动词) delight的基本意思是“使快乐”,强调感情的外在反应不仅有明显的迹象生动地表现

delight的各种形式的意思短语delight in 喜欢 ; 取乐 ; 欣喜 ; 对……很喜欢Sinners Delight 喜欢负罪Sneake Delight 运动鞋与服饰店 ; 活动鞋与衣饰店 ; 活动鞋

delight在什么情况下后跟with,delighted是形容词“高兴的”,后面常接with构成短语,例如下:be delighted with对……感到高兴to be delighted with因…而十分高兴be

【muchtoone'sdelight中的much为什么一定要放在前面much 在这里是副词,修饰整个介词短语to one's delight ,意思是非常,所以要用much to one's delight ,使某人很高兴的意思.delight

英语单选一道,求解析,详细解析选: B.Much to their delight. to one's delight 令人感到高兴的 much,greatly等词用来修饰to one's delight/surprise等时,应该

“to one's delight”是什么意思?短语:to one's delight 释义:令某人高兴的是 造句: 1."You've got to try this," he shouted to his wife, to the

个故事或者短文.attendconveniencearrangedelightTom will graduate from a key university. He knows that there are a number of students graduating from schools,He has to

帮忙!~英语问题!!♣ look 的常用短语: look up … in查找 look sb. up and down 上下打量 look back to/ upon回顾 look upon…as把…

“使某人……的是”英语短语to one's +情感名词 例如 to my delight,使我高兴的是 to his surprise to their excitement

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